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We shape your brows and create tiny hairlike strokes to fill in your brows for a more fuller look. Nowadays women have better things to do with their time than having to fill in their eyebrows daily. Whether your brows are over plucked, simply too thin, scarred, or just uneven. Microblading can help women and men with alopecia, people about to undergo chemotherapy or who have already lost their brow hair from treatments.



Touch up Included booked 4-6 weeks after initial session



Touch up included booked 4-6 weeks after initial session



4-6 months after initial session



Touch ups between 9-18 months after initial session

Meet The Artist

Aside from being completely obsessed with eyebrows and all semi permanent makeup. I am also a mother to a beautiful four year old girl and a loving wife. I have always been into art. Since the moment I first learned about microblading I became fascinated. At the time I was working at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. I was introduced to the renowned Audrey Collins, whom is now a dear friend of mine. I was trained and worked under her before getting Certified in Microblading. I am also certified by Linnie Phan in Ombre/Microshading. It is with the mentorship of these wonderful women that has me believing that eyebrows can do so much to enhance anyone’s facial features.


First step is to clean the eyebrow area. Then shape and measure your brows to make sure they are symmetrical. Once we agree on your shape and color, we can move on to the next step.
Apply numbing cream, then start the procedure.

Happy Client!